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Natural leather bag

Briefly About Us & handmade leather bag

We are a professional producer of handmade natural leather bag s. All of the materials used in our products has been carefully chosen to ensure the quality of the final product. In addition to that, our products are measured, cut and nitted carefully by hand.

We would like to distribute our products in markets far away such as US, Canada and EU.

About natural leather bag

natural leather

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Our product line consists of

  • leather bags
  • wallets
  • leather bracelet.


Natural Leather Bags Price List

ProductsMaterialSizeWeightPackageUnit Fob Price
1st Class Lamb Skin Leather40mm800g12pcs/cartoon$97
1st Class Lamb Skin Leather40mm490g12pcs/cartoon$119
1st Class Lamb Skin Leather40mm600g12pcs/cartoon$150
1st Class Lamb Skin Leather40mm600g12pcs/cartoon$99


Leather handmade bag price in USA
Handmade leather bag price in USA
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Leather bag price in USA


natural leather
High quality leather in England
High quality handmade leather in England
natural leather
High quality leather in England
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